Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


Bullying negatively affects the atmosphere of a school and disrupts the learning environment. Bullying is not something we have to accept. It takes the entire school and community to create an inviting place where everyone feels they belong and are safe.

Working together, administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and students can help stop bullying in schools.

 If you suspect a child is being bullied:

Support the child with supportive words and gestures.

Spend time with the child. Listen to the facts and feelings that the child is willing to share. Be sure that the child knows you are concerned and want to help.

Praise the child for displaying the courage to talk about the bullying incidents. Emphasize that you will keep the conversation in confidence.

Ask questions such as, “Are there any kids at school who are picking on you or teasing you in a mean way?” or  “Do you have any special friends at school who you like to hang out with? Who are they?”

Ask other teachers questions such as, “Have you noticed that the child is bullied by other students?”

Bullying thrives when there is not enough supervision (recess, bus).

Those bullied at school should be given an opportunity to take part in activities that allow them to pursue their own interests and discover their talents which increases their self-esteem.

to prevent bullying from going on in your classroom:

Establish clear rules about bullying behavior.

Closely supervise activities and stop bullying behavior whenever it occurs. 

State that bullying is not acceptable: "It's not O.K. to treat others this way."

Encourage children to put him/herself in the victim's shoes and think about how the victim feels after being treated poorly.

Outline consequences if the aggression or bullying continues, such as exclusion from an upcoming "fun" event.

Reward appropriate behavior


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