Monday, November 20th, 2017

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To:  Parents/Guardians
From: Food Service Dept.

Re:   Computerized payment system for the Cafeteria

The Port Jefferson UFSD has a computerized Point of Sale payment system for all school meals purchased in the district's cafeterias.  The purpose of this letter is to introduce this system to all parents and to make them familiar with the services that are provided. 

Every student has their own personal lunchroom account based on the last four digits of their student ID number.  Please have your child memorize their number.  They should not share their number with anyone.  Please do not be concerned if your child forgets their number as it can be accessed through every register.  Students can access their accounts on the PIN pads located at every register.  It is however, strongly recommended that all students remember their numbers, as this will make the lunch lines move faster.

If you would like to deposit money via check into your child's account, complete the attached form and return it with the proper remittance.  You may also make payment with a major credit card or debit card at by clicking on food services in the left hand side of the site.  Please follow the attached instructions for this method of payment.  At this site you can view your child's meal/snack history for the last thirty days.

If your student has qualified for free or reduced price lunch, this information is securely contained within the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students.  There is no need to be concerned for a potentially uncomfortable situation for the student.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your student has, please notify the cafeteria with this information.  A warning will appear on the cashier's screen for a quick review of the items on the student's meal tray.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office of Cafeteria Services at 631-476-4400 ext. 243.



Benefits for Parents and Students

  • When the account is prepaid, parents can place limits on a la carte spending.
  • Prepaid accounts for all students allows parents to deposit money in their student's account, in any amount, at any time, and not have to be concerned with giving their student the exact change every morning.
  • For those students receiving free or reduced meals, their meals will be rung up as all the other meals are.  No one will know whether they are receiving a free or reduced meal or debiting their account, except for the cashier.
  • Lunch lines move faster when meals are prepaid, thus providing students extra time to enjoy their lunch period.
  • Parents can pay any amount at any time.  Students can prepay on the line with cash or parents can send in checks (with the student ID# on it), and students can give this to the cashier right in the lunch line.  You are only charged for the lunches that are debited to your student's ID number.  All student ID numbers are confidential.
  • Pin pads are located at every terminal; they provide ease of use and allow for quick transactions.
  • Prepayment allows for better security rather than cash.
  • Once the transaction has been completed, your student will know his/her account balance.
  • Students may use any register.  When a lunch or breakfast is recorded at one register, it will automatically be recorded on the other registers.
  • When student accounts get low, students will be informed at the register of their balance.


  • You can send in prepayment monies at any time.  We recommend that parents send in checks rather than cash.  All monies should be submitted only to cafeteria personnel.
  • Regular lunches cost $ 2.25 (ES) $ 2.50 (MS/HS) .  Reduced lunch cost $.25 each.
  • Checks are to be made payable to Port Jefferson UFSD School Lunch Fund.
  • When sending prepayment, please include the student's ID# on the face of the check.
  • You can also prepay on line by visiting the District's website at


Prepaid Meal/A La Carte Form

Food Service Office

350 Old Post Road

Port Jefferson, NY 11777

ATTN: Corinne Kauffman

Child's PIN # ___________   Grade _______   School _________________

Child's Name: Last ___________________   First_________________ Middle I. ______

Check # ________________  Date _____________ Name on Check ________________

 Deposit for lunch and al la carte $ _______________

Note: Parents can limit daily a la carte spending by notifying the school lunch office.

Please send a separate check and form for each child in the family.  Make checks payable to Port Jefferson UFSD School Lunch Fund.

You may also send a completed form and check with your child who can bring it to the school lunch cashier during their lunch period.

 Click Here to Download Letter In Printable PDF Format