Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
Colleges featuring majors in fine arts, film and media
Five Towns College www.fivetowns.edu/ School of Visual Arts http://www.sva.edu Stony Brook University http://emedia.art.sunysb.edu Suffolk County Community College http://depthome.sunysuffolk.edu Academy of Art College http://www.academyart.edu Art Center College of Design http://www.artcenter.edu The Art Institutes http://www.aii.edu Art Institute of Chicago http://www.artic.edu California Institute of the Arts http://www.calarts.edu New York University http://www.nyu.edu Parsons School of Design http://www.parsons.edu Pratt Institute http://www.pratt.edu Ringling School of Art and Design http://www.rsad.edu Rhode Island School of Design http://www.risd.edu Rochester Institute of Technology http://www.rit.edu San Francisco State University http://www.sfsu.edu Savannah College of Art and Design http://www.scad.edu School of Visual Arts http://www.schoolofvisualarts.edu UCLA http://animation.filmtv.ucla.edu University of Southern California http://www.usc.edu Vancouver Film School http://www.multimedia.edu Vancouver Institute of Media Arts http://www.vanarts.com/