Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
SchoolCenter Picture Apple Time!!! SchoolCenter Picture


SchoolCenter Picture

The children in room 106 made a delicious batch of applesauce.  It was a terrific culminating activity for our apple unit.  Thanks again for apples! 


After washing the apples, each child had the opportunity to cut an apple.  Scroll down to see a picture of your child slicing an apple. Don't they look great!


Once all of the apples were cut, we placed them into a pot with a little bit of water, skins and all.  Then, we let the apples come to boil. With a little mashing every now and then, the apples soon became very soft and mushy. 


The last step in our easy recipe, is to place the cooked apples into a food mill.  The food mill separates the skins and seed from the apples and just leaves us with sweet delicious applesauce. 

Look for more this weekend!!