Friday, December 15th, 2017
Art on "the island" and beyond

The Parrish Art Museum Southampton The Heckscher Museum Huntington, NY The Islip Art Museum Islip, NY The Nassau County Museum, Roslyn - Visiting this museum is a wonderful experience. It is housed in a Georgian mansion originally owned by the Fricks. It features 145 beautifully landscaped acres with an extraordinary sculpture garden.

The Neue Gallery This museum is housed in a brownstone mansion on the corner of 86th St. and 5th Ave. It features what is probably the best collection of German and Austrian expressionist art in New York City. It also has a great cafe which serves traditional German and Austrian food and drink. View the fabulous works of Gustav Klimpt, Egon Shiele, Max Beckman and many others. For more info call 212-628-6200 or visit

The Brooklyn Museum - Egypt Reborn: Art for Eternity. A new long-term installation. Representations female figures in highly abstracted forms recur throughout very early Egyptian art. The legs are usually not articulated, the hands and feet not modeled, and the faces of the statuettes are beaklike, with eyes. Their symbolism, function, and even their nature - human or divine - are not certain. Scholars have interpreted them as servants, dancers, mourners, or, in comparison with later female figurines as symbols of sexuality, fertility, and perhaps rebirth. Similar female figures occur on painted ceramic ware and may support an interpretation of these statuettes as deities, since they are always larger than the male figures that sometimes appear with them.This rare undamaged example is one of the oldest objects in the Brooklyn Museum of Art and was found together with similar, fragmentary figures in a burial excavated by the Museum's first expedition to Egypt.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC - Feast your eyes on the "Art of the First Cities". This show features four hundred magnificent works of art depicting the cultural development of ancient city-states and empires in Syria and Mesopotamia during the third millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus. Both art enthusiasts as well as history buffs will enjoy this exhibit.


Yale University Art Gallery Hop on the ferry and visit Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven,CT. to see selections from it's vast permanent collection and visiting shows as well.